AdBarker's New Video Injection Tools

With the rapid shift from audio to video content, the podcast industry is now facing a new challenge - How can creators seamlessly integrate dynamic content into their video podcasts on platforms such as Apple Podcasts? It's with great excitement that we announce the expansion of our toolkit to support video content.

Are you ready for the demo?

Let's take a look at how injecting content (e.g. ads) looks within Adbarker platform.

If you are curious how final episode looks like in Apple podcasts, watch iPhone screen recording, open this episode in Apple Podcast app or scan the QR code below with your iPhone:

Why AdBarker's Video Injection Tools?

With our proven track record in audio content integration, we have successfully partnered with shows that boast millions of monthly downloads and extending our capabilities to video was the next logical step. Our tools are designed keeping creators in mind:
  • Dynamic Ad Integration: Tailor your content for diverse audiences with dynamic ads that resonate.
  • Promotional Flexibility: Promote events, launches, or any special announcements effortlessly.
  • Endless Possibilities: The limit is your imagination. Integrate custom content, interactive segments, or special features to enhance the viewer's experience.

Want to start building your video podcasting strategy with us? Ping us at [email protected] and we will discuss the opportunity further.