CPM Ads For Your Podcast

Dynamic ad insertion service for your podcast

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Do you own a podcasts in ecommerce space? Let us connect you with advertisers who are desperate to advertise on your show


AdBarker is a podcast advertising platform with dynamic ad insertion capability

  • Compatible with all hosting providers
  • Ads can be injected into all or specific episodes
  • You are able to preview and approve all ads or upload your own
  • Option to have multiple ads per episode

How to setup

Setup can be completed in a couple of minutes via enclosure prefix

  • Register on AdBarker
  • Give us you RSS URL
  • We generate unique enclosure prefix which should be forwarded to your hosting provider
  • We will let you preview and approve matching ads


We let you fully control your CPM and earnings

  • Advertisers are charged $1 per thousand unique episode downloads - you will never be charged
  • You can charge advertisers any CPM you want
  • CPM which works in most cases is $18-$45 CPM, depending on your niche
  • Set up minimum CPM and minimum budget - we do not want to bother you with ads with lower CPM & budget than what you deserve


Do you want to advertise your ecommerce product?


Reach out to your target market trough one of the fastest growing ecosystems

  • Upload your audio ads
  • Set you budget & MAX CPM you are willing to pay
  • Measure the performance with our stats

How to start

In order to start we neeed to know more about your business

  • Reach out to us and tell us more about you
  • Wait for approval
  • Upload audio ads into the platform


We charge CPM which is set by podcasters + our fee ($1,00/1000 unique downloads)

  • The higher the CPM the higher the chances to be matched with podcasts
  • Minimum budget is as low as $250